Circulation Pumps Wilo

Circulation pumps from Wilo are mounted in several different heat pumps and other facilities.

We at JS Energi stock most of the older Wilo circulation pumps as well as newer ones. We are specialists in circulation pumps, whether they are in heat pumps or other equipment. Need a Wilo circulation pump to replace your broken one? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Choose below if you need a Brine circulation pump or Water circulation pump


  1. Cirkulationspump Wilo Star-Z 20/4-150 VVC pump

    Cirkulationspump Wilo Star-Z 20/4-150 VVC pump
    346.61€ incl. VAT 277.29€ excl. VAT
  2. Cirkulationspump Yonos PICO-STG 15/1-7.5 -130

    Cirkulationspump Yonos PICO-STG 15/1-7.5 -130
    RSK: 5764005
    Dimension: G25
    Byggmått: 130 mm
    Effekt/Eldate: 230V 75W

    Våt högeffektiv cirkulationspump i enkelutförande avsedd för värme/kyla samt sol- och bergvärmeapplikationer, levereras komplett med inbyggt motorskydd. 
    Försedd med permanentmagnetmotor och påbyggd frekvensomformare.
    451.72€ incl. VAT 361.38€ excl. VAT
  3. Wilo Yonos Pico STG 15/1-13 -180

    Wilo Yonos Pico STG 15/1-13 -180mm
    450.46€ incl. VAT 360.36€ excl. VAT
  4. Yonos MAXO-Z 40/0,5-8

    Yonos MAXO-Z 40/0,5-8 replace TOP-Z40/7 RG
    2,324.73€ incl. VAT 1,859.78€ excl. VAT
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