Euronom Spare Parts

At JS Energi we specialize on heat pumps and focus on spare parts. We are leading in Spare parts for Euronom Heat pumps in Europe. All our Euronom spare parts are original from Euronom.

Currently, we are updating our Euronom range of spare parts so watch out for more spare parts coming soon in our webshop!

If you can’t find the part you are looking for, just contact us on the chat on the bottom right, telephone (+44) 8082 8080 07, or at email to


  1. Expansion valve LV 10.6

    Expansion valve LV 10.6
    335.58€ incl. VAT 268.46€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  2. Fan 521087900

    Fan 521087900
    739.10€ incl. VAT 591.28€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  3. Hetgas givare

    Hetgas givare.
    82.11€ incl. VAT 65.69€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  4. Hetgasgivare äldre modell

    Hetgasgivare äldre modell

    82.11€ incl. VAT 65.69€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  5. Kompressor Euronom LV 10.6

    Kompressor Euronom LV 10.6
    2,393.16€ incl. VAT 1,914.53€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  6. Soft starter 521042500

    Soft starter 521042500
    491.72€ incl. VAT 393.37€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  7. Termostat/Överhettningsskydd

    241.08€ incl. VAT 192.86€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  8. Torkfilter 520837800

    Torkfilter 520837800. Recievertorkare som passar till Mecaterm Euronom
    164.33€ incl. VAT 131.46€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
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