Connect your heat pump

By connecting your heat pump you can control the operation of the heat pump, if there's any alarms or you can also integrate it in your smart home.

You can connect your heat pump in several ways, internet and cloud services for example, and the opportunities to connect your heat pump are increasing all the time. Today, almost all heat pumps have the possibility to connect to internet. This means that most of these solutions also are compatible with Google Assistant, Google Home, Alexa and other smart home solutions. 

If you have another smart home solution, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you. Since it often involve links and sharing information when we help you, the best way to contact us is by email or the chat in the right corner.

It can looks quite different between the solutions depending on what heat pump you have. Some solutions, mostly air conditioners, don't have any annual fees, while most of the third part solutions for air/water heat pumps, exhaust air heat pumps and GSHP have annual or monthly fees. It may also occur that the manufactures own solutions have it. 

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