Control your Bosch heat pump with Loggamera

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Manufacturer SKU: LM00006
JS ID: LM00006-00001


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Product Description

The third part manufacturer Loggamera makes it possible to control and monitor your Comfortzone heat pump. 

When you buy the box, a 12 months contract is included and after 12 months you will get the opportunity to extend the contract in exchange for an annual cost.

You can download the app in AppStore or Google Play. 


Loggamera works with the following Bosch heat pumps:

Compress 5000,
Compress 7000
Bosch EHP
Bosch EWP
Bosch CC160


You can find more information about the product and the service on their website 

Instructions of how you connect is included. This product makes it possible to monitor older heat pumps and at the same time get information and data about the heat pump.


Please note: when you order, it's important that you specify which heat pump you want to connect to ensure that correct instructions and Loggamera box will be shipped. 


Additional Information

Manufacturer SKU: LM00006
JS ID: LM00006-00001

LM00006 is compatible with the following models:

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