Nibe Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

Nibe's exhaust air heat pumps 360, 370, 730 and 750 (2013 and later) have the possibility to connect to internet since they have Nibe uplink in their controller. Same models that are manufactured before 2013 are possible to upgrade by changing the controller.

If you have older models from Nibe, most of them have the possibility to connect with third part hardware. 

Unfortunately it isn't possible to connect Nibe 301, 401 and 410 to internet. 

If you need help to find the right connection solution to your Nibe exhaust air heat pump, do not hesitate to send us an email to or write to us in chat that is located in the right corner and we will help you find the right solution. 


  1. Upgrade kit for your Nibe Uplink

    Upgrade kit for your Nibe Uplink
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