Upgrade kit for your Nibe Uplink

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Manufacturer SKU: 067227
JS ID: 067227-00001


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You can use Nibe Uplink if you want to upgrade your Nibe heat pump and connect it to internet.

The upgrade kit works with the models below. If your heat pumps is manufactured before the date below you can use the upgrade kit. Otherwise if it's manufactured after, your heat pump should already be ready for internet connection.  

Nibe 370 / Nibe 470 Manufactured before 2013
Nibe 750 Manufactured before 2013
Nibe 1345 Manufactured before 2012
Nibe VVM 500 Manufactured before 2013


There are also other models that works with the upgrade kit. But these needs to be verified by the serial number to see if they are upgradable. If you're interested to check if you can upgrade your heat pump you can send us an email to service@jsenergi.com.


These spare parts are included in the kit:

2 new PCB
1 display
Instruction for the upgrade

Additional Information

Manufacturer SKU: 067227
JS ID: 067227-00001
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