Thermia Spare parts by type

On this page you will find all spare parts that work for Thermia heat pumps, divided into categories by type of spare part. We have extensive experience of spare parts and are happy to help you find the right spare part for your heat pump. 
Among our most popular spare parts you will find different types of Sensors, Display kits, Temperature sensors, Outdoor sensors, Softstart cards, Refrigerant sensors, Circulation pump, valve and drying filter. 
We at JS Energi ensure that you as a customer always have a 12-month warranty when buying heat pump spare parts, all to make you feel safe and secure with the choices for your Thermia heat pump. 
On our JS Education page, we have collected user manuals, product sheets, installer manuals, wiring diagrams, service manuals, guides and answers to common questions about spare parts and functionality. 
If you need help or if you have any questions, our skilled spare parts specialists are always at your disposal, you can reach us via the chat every day between 8-21. 
You can also contact us via email at


  1. Condenser 086L4537

    Condenser 086L4537
    2,521.79€ incl. VAT 2,017.43€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  2. Flow switch Honsberg UR3K-025TC

    Flow switch
    437.01€ incl. VAT 349.61€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
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