Heat Pump Roof

Weather and wind can take a toll on the outdoor unit of your heat pump. Investing in a heat pump canopy primarily protects against rain and snow, but it also guards against falling ice, which can damage the heat pump's outdoor unit. A heat pump canopy can also prevent melted water from dripping down and refreezing, which can cause damage to the fan or, at the very least, create unpleasant noises. It can be a cost-effective investment, while a repair of the outdoor unit due to, for example, falling ice, can cost much more.

There are different types of roofs available, some made of metal, glass, or wood. You can also find regular entrance canopies at hardware stores if you find one that suits your needs better. Opting for the less expensive alternatives can also save you some money.

In summary, it can be a worthwhile way to protect your heat pump's outdoor unit, but it's essential to remember that outdoor units are designed to withstand outdoor conditions day and night, summer and winter.

Heat Pump Covers

There are also heat pump covers that are placed over the outdoor unit. Some are made of wood, allowing you to paint and customize them more easily. Others are made of metal and plastic. Some have open sides and are also open at the bottom (as shown in the picture below).

Metal Heat Pump Cover The picture displays a metal heat pump cover. This particular cover allows good airflow from underneath and has perforated sides, which increases airflow compared to a solid metal sheet. However, this can affect efficiency as it still restricts airflow to some extent.


Heat pump roof



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