IVT Spare Parts & Accessories

Our spare parts for IVT heat pump are all original and produced by IVT / Bosch. All our heat pump spare parts are also covered by 12 months warranty, for your benefit as customer, offering as much safety and security of your heat pump as is possible.

We have the biggest range of circulation pumps (Wilo), filters, valves, sensors, NTC sensors and any other parts that you need for your IVT heat pump

If you feel unsure of which spare part you need for your IVT heat pump, do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Port valve IVT LK VXV525 - 22 Engine EMV110M before 2008

    Växelventil IVT Greenline 525 - 22 Motor EMV110M (LK Armatur)
    206.14€ incl. VAT 164.91€ excl. VAT
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