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Welcome to our CTC spare parts sales for CTC Heat Pumps. All our CTC spare parts are original direct from CTC.

We try to keep a complete range of CTC spare parts as possible. If there is something you're missing from the CTC range or something you're having trouble finding, CTC heat pump, boiler or other CTC machines do not hesitate to contact us.

If you need help finding the right CTC spare part for your CTC heat pump, CTC boiler or other CTC machine, do not hesitate to contact us at JS Energi on the chat at the right, phone (+44) 0113 328 1599 or by e-mail service@jsenergi.com.


  1. CTC Shunt ARA672

    Shuntmotor Esbe ARA 672 för CTC värmepumpar och pannor
    189.52€ incl. VAT 151.62€ excl. VAT
  2. Elpatron / Värmeelement till CTC Galant 60

    Elpatron / Värmeelement till CTC Galant 60
    350.64€ incl. VAT 280.51€ excl. VAT
  3. Fan cpl EA 105-107 / 5.9 to 7.9

    Passar till
    CTC EcoAir 5,9-7,9 V2
    CTC EcoAir 105-107 V3 fram till 7312-1023-1753
    446.55€ incl. VAT 357.24€ excl. VAT
  4. Portlock, rear CTC V25 FK FG

    Portlock, bakre CTC V25 FK FG
    77.97€ incl. VAT 62.38€ excl. VAT
  5. Thermostat Overheat protection Reservd

    1-polig maxtermostat bulb1,65m med huv och borrmall.
    144.67€ incl. VAT 115.74€ excl. VAT
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