Panasonic Spare Parts per Type

Spare Parts to Panasonic heat pumps and air conditions sorted by type of spare part. 

At the moment we are working with adding more and more spare parts to our catalog. We have access to the total sortiment of spare parts from Panasonic heating and cooling. If you misses some product don't hesitate to contact us at, the chat in the lower right corner or by phone to (+44) 0113 328 1599


  1. Fan motor CSF18-28DB4E5

    Fan motor CSF18-28DB4E5
    379.63€ incl. VAT 303.71€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  2. Pan heater - WH-MXC12G9E8

    Pan heater - WH-MXC12G9E8
    465.70€ incl. VAT 372.56€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
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