Solar Accessories

We store most spare parts for your solar heating. All our IVT spare parts are original and covered by a 12 month warranty.

Using IVT original spare parts, you ensure the operation of your heat pump, water heater, heat pump life and heat pump efficiency.

If you were to miss some spare parts for your IVT solar heating, please do not hesitate to contact us through the chat in the right corner, send us an email at or call us at +46 42 400 10 01 (press 2 in the choice meny or just hold and we will answer) 

We speak english both on mail, chat and phone, but we have to apologize that everything in the site not yet are translated, we are working on it. Any questions regarding your IVT heat pump, don't hesitate to contact us. 


  1. AAS1 Connection set Tanks

    AAS1 Anslutningsset Expansionskärl
    132.93€ incl. VAT 106.34€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  2. AGS5 Pumping station with manual

    AGS5 Pumpstation med handbok
    944.90€ incl. VAT 755.92€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  3. DVB IVT200 FRS Solar coil B7

    DVB IVT200 FRS Solslinga B7
    4,374.83€ incl. VAT 3,499.86€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  4. RCS 100 Controller

    RCS 100 Reglercentral
    551.88€ incl. VAT 441.50€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  5. SAG 18 Expansion tank 18 liters

    SAG 18 Expansionkärl 18 liter
    169.68€ incl. VAT 135.74€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  6. Shiba Doge Inu

    1.37€ incl. VAT 1.09€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  7. Sol tank DS 300 RS

    Sol tank DS 300 RS
    4,255.97€ incl. VAT 3,404.77€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  8. Solarkollektor IVT FKT-1S V3

    Solarkollektor IVT FKT-1S V3
    1,406.58€ incl. VAT 1,125.26€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  9. Sun protection Awning

    265.23€ incl. VAT 212.18€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  10. WH Sol SU SU 300 E / SUE300SE

    VVB Sol SU SU 300 E /SUE300SE
    4,740.44€ incl. VAT 3,792.35€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
  11. WH SU 300E white with no logo

    VVB SU 300E vit utan logo
    3,114.41€ incl. VAT 2,491.52€ excl. VAT Add to Cart
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