Expansion Vessels

For heating and cooling systems that are closed circuits and maximum reaches a temperature of 120C

When needing more pressure in your heating system you use an expansion vessel. All of our expansion vessels are of high quality and are used by plumbers all over europe. This expansin vessels are optimal for the cold nordic climate. 


  1. Expansion vessel 12 liters

    Expansionskärl 12 liter
    53.91€ incl. VAT 43.13€ excl. VAT
  2. Expansion vessel 18 liters

    Expansionskärl 18 liter
    53.91€ incl. VAT 43.13€ excl. VAT
  3. Expansion vessel 25 liters

    Expansionskärl 25 liter
    64.54€ incl. VAT 51.64€ excl. VAT
  4. Fittings kit with safety valve for expansion vessel

    Armatursats för expansionskärl
    52.47€ incl. VAT 41.98€ excl. VAT
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